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What is SONAR?

It is SO und NA vigation and R anging. Sound is used to navigate, and to detect objects in water. Sonography also has other applications.. There are two main types of Sona (MORE)
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What is sonar used for?

Sonar is used to communicate or detect vessels/submarines through a tube like device. Andi:) it is simply sending sound wave and wait the echo to return back and when measurin (MORE)
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What is Sonar Mapping?

Sonar mapping uses sound waves to map out the contours or the shape of the ocean bottom. Sonar is an acronym for Sound Navigation Ranging. Typically, a pulse of sound is gener (MORE)
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Where is sonar used?

Naval operations: Submarine and anti-submarine usage. in the thirties a Blimp altimeter called a Sonicaltimeter was tested on Navy Blimps by Admiral Rosenthal, noted (Blimp ad (MORE)
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What is the use of sonar?

SOund Navigation And Ranging = SONAR Sound is used underwater to bounce off objects. The reflections back can be measured (by electronics) to find our where they are and how f (MORE)
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Is sonar harmful?

Sonar has been linked to injury and to the stranding of whales and some other marine mammals. It is difficult to actually prove a "causal connection" between sonar and the inj (MORE)
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What is principle of sonar?

When ultrasonics waves is transmitted through water, it is reflected by the object in the water and will produce an echo signal. By noting the time interval between the gene (MORE)
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What are the applications for sonar?

A)to find the depth of the sea b)the sonar device measures the time taken by the ultrasonic sound to travel from the ship to the bottom of the sea .

What is sonar signal?

The sonar signals are audio wave signals created by the transmitter that can pass through water. When Radio signals are created in air it is called radar. Usually sonar are us (MORE)