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What are songwriters responsabilities?

There are only two - to write songs and hopefully get paid for them. There are no other required duties... To find a songwriter, visit your local open mic or songwriters ass (MORE)
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What are the requirements of a songwriter?

There are no prerequisites to become a songwriter. Anyone can write a song. Whether they get paid for it is another matter. To learn more about the career, join your local son (MORE)

Where can you find a songwriter?

Finding a songwriter is like shopping for most things. First, youmust answer the question: What's my budget? If you aren't a bigdeep-pockets studio, you might check out online (MORE)

Can songwriters get grammys?

Yes, the category "Song of the year" is actually awarded to the Songwriter. If you go to the Grammy website (see link provided), you can click on the tab "The Recording Academ (MORE)

Is Britney a songwriter?

Yes she is. She wrote My Baby from "Circus" (2008) and "Ooh Ooh Baby" from "Blackout" (2007) She is also (as well as a singer/songwriter) a dancer, actress, record producer, (MORE)
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Does a songwriter travel?

Nowadays, songwriters often travel, especially if hired to writefor a specific performer. Sometimes, it's like a seamstressconstantly making adjustments to a garment, making s (MORE)
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How do you do songwriting?

To become a successful songwriter you need to have contact with people in the music industry or be given advice by someone who has already reached success. It just so happens (MORE)