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Can songwriters get grammys?

Yes, the category "Song of the year" is actually awarded to the Songwriter. If you go to the Grammy website (see link provided), you can click on the tab "The Recording Academ (MORE)

How much does a songwriter charge per song?

We don't exactly charge - we negotiate a rate per song, based on the format in which it will be used. There are different rates for radio, downloads, streams, commericals, mov (MORE)

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How much do songwriters make a year?

it depends if they are successful or not, if they become successful they can be earning up to £4 million a year! If not it just depends on how many people want you to write s (MORE)

Who is the best songwriter of all time?

Toss up between Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Paul is excellent, but if you ask HIM, he will say BOB. And if you ask BOB he wont say PAUL. He will likely go with John Prine or m (MORE)