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What does sonic boom look like?

My science teacher said that once there was this meteorite. It travelled faster than the speed of light (I think) but it travelled really fast inside the Earth's atmosphere un (MORE)
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What can make a sonic boom?

Most military combat aircraft can make a sonic boom, even space shuttles. The aircraft flies up to Mach 2, twice as fast as the speed of sound and can travel more than one tho (MORE)
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How fast is a sonic boom?

A sonic boom is as fast as/faster than the speed of sound. It is also known as Mach 1) It varies with temperature. At sea level on a "standard day," the temperature is 59°F, (MORE)
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Can a meteor make a sonic boom?

When an object travels faster than the speed of sound in Earth's atmosphere, a shock wave can be created that can be heard as a sonic boom. Large meteors frequently produce au (MORE)
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Is a sonic boom illegal?

Yes, a sonic boom is illegal without special permission, See FAA guidelines below. How many people are running around with leftover Soviet MIG's anyway? You aren't doing 761 m (MORE)
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Why does a sonic boom happen?

You can learn a lot about sonic booms by looking at the wakes boats leave in the water.   If you toss a pebble in a pond, little waves will form in concentric circles and p (MORE)
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Can a meteor cause a sonic boom?

We just experienced a meteorite that caused a sonic boom in our area. I have done a little research and discovered that the kinetic energy that develops as a meteor enters ear (MORE)
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Why are sonic booms illigal?

  sonic booms happens when the craft moves speed more than speed of sound.if it happens very close To the ground it can damage the eardrum and damage the hearing capacity (MORE)

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