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Where is nogales and sonora Mexico?

I guess you mean where is Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Nogales is a city and its surrounding municipality on the northern border of the Mexican State of Sonora. The municipality c (MORE)

What is the value of a 1916 Sonora Phonograph?

  Phonographs are evaluated on condition, rarity, and desirability of the design. Re-painting, mis-matched parts, damage, missing pieces, and poor running motors devalue p (MORE)

What rhymes with Sonora?

2 syllables: aura, bora, borah, cora, Dora, durrah, flora, fora, for a, gora, hora, kora, Laura, loera, lora, lorah, maura, mora, morra, nora, norah, ora, skora, stora, thor (MORE)

What is the distance between eugene and sonora?

The driving distance between Eugene, OR and Sonora, CA is approximately 565 miles. The driving time would be approximately 9 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in (MORE)
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What are the scavengers of the Sonora Desert?

Vultures Ravens Coyotes Foxes Gila monsters Insects Nearly any carnivorous animal will take advantage of a free meal inthe desert.
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What is the capital of the state sonora in Mexico?

The capital of Sonora, Mexico is the city of Hermosillo (29.098889°, -110.954167°) some 270 kilometers (168 miles) south of the US-Mexico border and some 95 kilometers (59 m (MORE)