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What is sony?

What is sony? . It's a company that creates electronics or electronic devices. An example of an electronic device created by sony is the PS2.
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When did Sony start?

Sony first started up back in may 7, 1949 selling goods such as watches and small tv unitis this has grown since and sell many electricial products

Sony or Panasonic?

There can be no single answer to this question. Both companies make fine products. Both are innovators and introduce new and interesting improvements to products on a regular ( Full Answer )
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Where did Sony start?

Sony Corporation was founded in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in May7th, 1946. Sony is a major electronics company.
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Sony Psp Sony PS3?

psp and ps3 both have the same format . psp is portable . but is very delicate . ps3 is good but still has glitches . i recommend the psp just don't drop it the screen is very ( Full Answer )
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What does Sony in Sony Electronics stand?

It doesn't stand for anything. It is a made up word that would appeal to western markets. It certainly worked.
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What is Sony in Japanese?

In Japanese, Sony is still called Sony. It is usually written in romanized form (no Japanese characters.
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What is a Sony PlayStation?

Its a games console made by Sony and you can play games on it. It is also the name used for the complete series of consoles and portable game players that came after the origi ( Full Answer )
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Is sony ericson Sony?

two different brand. Most of sony just for Japanese market. and Sony Ericsson is for world.
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Which noun is Sony?

The noun SONY is a proper noun , the name of a specific company. A proper noun always has its first letter capitalized, but in the case of SONY, they use all capital letters ( Full Answer )