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What is a Sooner state?

Unowned / Federal land was offered to settlers through theHomestead Act of 1862. The act provided that a settler could claim160 acres of public land, and those who lived on th (MORE)

What are sooners?

In Oklahoma, sooners are well known because they are the mascot of the Oklahoma University football team. However, most people do not know that the sooners were cheaters in t (MORE)

What are the Sooners?

The athletic teams for the University of Oklahoma (Norman OK) isnamed the Sooners. The name is also used for a type of covered wagon. During the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, th (MORE)
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What is a Sooners?

A "Sooner" is someone that settled in western parts of America before they were considered states.

Is sooner an adjective?

No, it is an adverb. It is the comparative form of the adverb'soon'. The capitalized form Sooner is a noun that refers to people ofOklahoma, referring to those who homesteade (MORE)
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Is sooner a noun?

No, sooner is an adverb. But there is a proper noun Sooner, a nickname applied to pioneersin the Oklahoma Territory.

What is the opposite of no sooner?

"Before" is probably the best casual replacement for "no soonerthan" if you want to invert the meaning of the sentence. In a legal document or contract, you should probably a (MORE)

What are 'sooners'?

Sooners are people who entered the district illegally to lay claimto lands, before the designated entry time.

What were the Sooners?

During the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, the prospect of free landhad many homesteaders sneaking in and claiming land before the dateof the Act, and they became known as "Sooner (MORE)