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Why does it get darker sooner in the winter?

Because the Earth is tilted on its axis. In the winter, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, so the path you travel on the Earth is more in the dark. Note that (MORE)

What is a sooner and why is Oklahoma the sooner state?

The name given to Settlers who occupied Unassigned Lands before the land was proclaimed to be open. The name came from the 'sooner clause' of the Act which stated that anyone (MORE)

What are sooners?

In Oklahoma, sooners are well known because they are the mascot of the Oklahoma University football team. However, most people do not know that the sooners were cheaters in t (MORE)

How many NCAA championships does Oklahoma Sooners have?

"God bless Mrs. Selmon"In Division 1a football; Seven. 1950, 55, 56, 1974, 75, 1985, 2000. Well, not exactly. The NCAA doesn't have a national championship in 1a football, so (MORE)
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When to use no sooner and as soon as in English grammar?

These two phrases have overlapping meanings but are not exactly synonymous. No sooner ... than can generally be replaced by as soon as, but as soon as cannot always be replace (MORE)

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Why is oklahomas nickname the sooner state?

  People who entered the district illegally to lay claim to lands, before the designated entry time, were called "Sooners." The name came from a section in the Indian Appr (MORE)

What state is nicknamed the sooner state?

Oklahoma. When the Oklahoma territories were opened up to the public, there was a huge rush of people flocking to buy land. Some people managed to sneak in before the offici (MORE)

Why didn't the US leave Vietnam sooner?

  The call came out, for "...more men!", after 500,000 men, we thought we could win. We saw the "handwriting on the wall" during the TET offensive of 1968; and prepared to (MORE)
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Is sooner an adjective?

No, it is an adverb. It is the comparative form of the adverb  'soon'.    The capitalized form Sooner is a noun that refers to people of  Oklahoma, referring to those (MORE)
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Does water boil sooner if salt is added?

Whether water boils "sooner" depends on the amount of heat energy available to cause the water's temperature to rise to the boiling point. However, if heat is introduced at a (MORE)