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How did Hans and Sophie scholl die?

Hans, and Sophie Scholl were caught by a custodian - Jakob Smith at Munich University when Sophie decided to distribute remaining leaflets. The Gestapo was called,they were qu (MORE)

Who is Sophie miles?

Sophie Miles stars in the t.v series Lark Rise to Candleford, as Sally Arless. She has been featured in this period drama television series, and is coming up to film the third (MORE)

Who is Sophie Turner?

Sophie Turner (born February 21, 1996) is an Australian fashion, runway, swimsuit and glamour model. Sophie began her career on the Network Ten's 'Search for a Supermodel' (Au (MORE)
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Who is Sophie the skunk?

Sophie the skunk is a sonic fan character that Mobianangel created ( On ) and she is also on deviant-art where she has art of Zoids, sonic characters , Pokemon (MORE)
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Who is Sophie hussey?

Resident of Watford and full-time Netball fanatic, Sophie Hussey is actually the only ever Cambridge Undergraduate to have been able to recite the script by heart to every sin (MORE)
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Who is Sophie Bush?

Her name is actually Sophia Bush and she is an actress. She plays Brooke Davis on the tv show One Tree Hill. Some of my favorite movies of hers are Supercross, Stay Alive, Joh (MORE)

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