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What is the difference between sorbonne nouvelle and sorbonne?

Your question is weird because you are talking about a building and a university. Sorbonne is the name of a building in the Latin Quarter of Paris, it was also the nickname of (MORE)
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Is there a Sorbonne University store that sells Sorbonne merchandise in Paris?

Possibly, it should be noted that the University of Paris is the oldest college or university still extant. it also had the longest shut-down from revolutionary times well up (MORE)
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Where is the Sorbonne located?

Sorbonne does not refer to the University of Paris. It now is an edifice of the Latin Quarter in Paris, France. It now houses several higher education and research institution (MORE)

When did Marie curie start working at sorbonne?

Maria Skłodowska (her name at the time) began to study at the  University of Paris (of which the Sorbonne is one of its colleges)  in late 1891. There she met Pierre Curie, (MORE)