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Are sorcery and witchcraft the same?

It usually depends on which culture you look at, but, in most cases, sorcery was looked apon as "white magic" which can be used as protection against witchcraft AKA "black mag (MORE)

Differences between sorcery and magic?

Sorcery is a (loose) tradition within magick (note the k, this is not stage magick) that basically focuses upon direct,effective methods to get real, tangible results in the r (MORE)

Where can you learn sorcery?

You don't want to be a sorcerer, they are evil doers (not to mention myth). They are NOT always evil doers... That is saying something to the effect that every Muslim is a te (MORE)

Is sorcery real?

No. Another Thought Sorcery is the practice of magic and magical science without a connection to a spiritual path. The study and practice of Alchemy was one of most commo (MORE)

What are sorcery and witchcraft?

Well first off there is a difference between the two. Witchcraft is first and foremost a religion. Sorcery, like wizardry is the art of practicing magick. Through magick both (MORE)
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Did Moses do sorcery?

Does Chuck Norris own your soul? YES. (no, not really. He just had some super strong God on his side. When you have an all-powerful being on your side, anything is possible, y (MORE)