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What is a sordid boon?

A sordid boon is profit made doing something illegal or evil. Whena person rises to drug lord status by violently dealing cocaine, itis a sordid boon.
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How do you use the word sordid in sentence?

The word "sordid" is an adjective which means disorderly, or containing many unrelated parts. For example, "the criminal was party to many sordid affairs" would mean that the ( Full Answer )
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Who starred in the 'Sordid Lives' movie?

There are many actors and actresses who started in the movie Sordid Lives. Some include: Olivia Newton-John, Sara Hunley, Beth Grant, Kirk Geigor, etc.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Sordid Lives - 2000?

The cast of Sordid Lives - 2000 includes: Rosemary Alexander as Dr. Eve Bolinger Sharron Alexis as Sara Kaufman Carl Balton as Riley Bonnie Bedelia as Latrelle Williamson Beau ( Full Answer )
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What does sordidness mean?

Something that is sordid is dirty, squalid, dishonourable,distasteful or dishonest. Thus "sordidness" is a quality of being sordid that can be appliedto something.
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What is the meaning of sordid reek of things falling in on themselves?

"Reek" means stench, smell, stink. "Sordid" means base, low, coarse, crude, lacking in spiritual or emotional elevation. "Things falling in on themselves" are collapsing, fall ( Full Answer )