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What is sorghum?

sorghum is a cereal grass with broad corn like leaves and a tall stem that's bears the grain in a dense terminal cluster.
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What are some sorghum products?

grain, animal feed, alcoholic beverages, cereal, sweeteners, sorghum syrup, sorghum molasses, sorghum flour, sorghum ethanol, and sorghum malt.
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What is sorghum bicolor?

Sorghum.. Sorghum is an annual grass that is extremely drought tolerant, making it an excellent choice for arid and dry areas. Sorghum has special adaptations to weather extr (MORE)
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What can you do with sorghum?

The most common use of sorghum is as a sweetener. The juice is squeezed and cooked down to make a type of molasses. Many people prefer its flavor to that made from cane sugar. (MORE)
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What is sorghum made from?

Answer Sorghum is a millet-like grain. As America's third leading cereal crop, it has a nutritional profile similar to wheat, although with slightly less protein. Sorghum a (MORE)
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Is sorghum grown in MN?

Yes. Sorghum production is concentrated in areas where the rainfall is insufficient and the temperatures are too high for profitable corn production. Thus most of the domestic (MORE)
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What is a sorghum midge?

A fly that is an agriculturalpest is what the sorghum midge is. Specifically, the sorghum midge( Contarinia sorghicola ) constitutes an orange-coloredmember of the true fl (MORE)
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Where can sorghum be grown?

Most varieties are drought- and heat-tolerant, and are especiallyimportant in tropical arid regions, where the grain is one of thestaples.