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How many strings does a lap harp have?

"Lap Harp" is a non-specific term used for the smallest harps, which can be held and played in the player's lap. There are an incredible variety of harp models, and lap harps (MORE)

How many strings does a harp instrument have?

The Full-size Grand Concert Harps (the kind used in an orchestra) has 47 strings, Concert harps with 46 strings are called "Semi-Grand" An "octave" of strings in Harpist term (MORE)

Why are harps different to other string instruments?

Harps are different from some other stringed instruments in obvious ways- for instance, it is different from the violin and cello in the way that the strings are plucked inste (MORE)

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Is an organ an string instrument?

No ... it is not a member of any "family", rather it has the distinction of being called "The King of Instruments" for a good many years. The organ has orchestral voices, but (MORE)

How many strings does a Irish harp have?

The Irish harp has 47 strings. Count them if you don't believe me!   Answer:I did and I don't. The most famous Irish harp, the medieval Trinity College Harp, which is th (MORE)

How many strings does a harp guitar have?

About 20 strings I think but I have seen 39.    "For his recording debut on harp guitar, Alex de Grassi chose  probably the most radical instrument featured here (a 39 (MORE)

How many strings are on a harp?

Harps come in many sizes. A concert pedal harp (the kind used in orchestras) usually has 47 strings. Some student pedal harps have 40 strings. Large lever harps have 27 (MORE)
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