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How do you get a soul mate?

Answer   When you love somone unconditionally and they love you the same  way.   In order to find something, you must know exactly what it is that  you are looking fo (MORE)

Does an animal have a soul?

Everything has a soul. Even if it's a bad one. It's what makes things live. Now as far as plants go, I'm not quit sure, but every living thing has a soul. So, long story short (MORE)

How old is soul in soul eater?

Improved 1/30/11: No. Your all wrong. Maka is 14. Soul is 15. Liz is 16. Patty 15. Kid is 14. Tsubaki is 14 and Black star is 13. In the manga they are 15-17 now. But in the a (MORE)

Does Soul die in soul eater?

no. in the end, it makes it seem like the characters will die, but they dont. The answer above refers,of course, to the anime,in which it is correct.However,the manga is still (MORE)
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What is a soul?

  Dictionary    ~ a dictionary definition is an archive of the most used interpretations, but are not necessarily consistent with other definitions and is therefore d (MORE)

Can the soul be evil?

Maybe if we do bad things that can hurt others, this can make us bad but we can change that if we say sorry and do good things to her/him but if the person kill innocent peopl (MORE)

What is the soul?

A:   Religion says that the soul is that part of us that will live after  the physical body dies. It was once thought to have been the source  of intelligence and our ab (MORE)

What is soul?

From a biblical standpoint: The soul is the person's or creature's  whole being. Both the Hebrew nephesh and the Greek  psyche are the words translated soul in most bibles. (MORE)

Who has a soul?

Answer    EVERYONE! Every man boy and girl. Everyone but animals.    Answer    Animals could have souls. Nobody knows for certain whether or not  they do (MORE)

How do you get a soul?

Probably the easiest way to describe the soul is that the soul is not something you possess, the soul is who you are. The soul is the essence of your being, It is the real you (MORE)