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What is sound?

Sound is mechanical wave energy transmitted by vibrations throughmatter which is perceptible to the ear and translated by electricalsignals in the brain. Is a disturbance that ( Full Answer )
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What is a sound?

Sound is mechanical energy, so a sound is the wave that carries the mechanical energy of sound. It could be a wave moving through air, water or some solid. But the sound is th ( Full Answer )
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What are sounds?

Sounds are vibrations carried through a solid, liquid, or gas. The Eardrum picks up these vibrations, which vibrate the Eardrum, and send the signal through the auditory nerve ( Full Answer )
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Sound is a from of?

Waves and vibrations in the air, Picked up by little hairs in your ears that vibrate and reproduce the sound into a form your brain can interpret. (very short and bare bones a ( Full Answer )
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How do you sound it out?

That means, what does the word sound like? If you sound it out, like in the word "take," you get t-a-k-e, making take the spelling.
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What sound does a table sound make?

Tables don't make sounds because they are nonliving creatures. And yet, many non-living things make sounds. If a table creaks, doesn't that qualify?
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If sound travels why does it sound instantly?

The speed of sound is about 340 metres per second, meaning thatfor most things you experience, you won't be able to notice thedelay between what you hear and what you see. . ( Full Answer )
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Why is it sound?

Vibrations are perceived by the human ear as sound. Faster vibrations produce higher-pitched sounds, while slower vibrations sound lower-pitched.
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What is 'sound'?

Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing. Sound also tr ( Full Answer )