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How does sound sound different underwater?

The sound is muffled because in the air the air vibrations travel to the eardrums and that wont work under water vibrations travel through your bones. Also you cant tell were (MORE)
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If sound travels why does it sound instantly?

The speed of sound is about 340 metres per second, meaning that  for most things you experience, you won't be able to notice the  delay between what you hear and what you se (MORE)
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What are sounds?

Sounds are vibrations carried through a solid, liquid, or gas. The Eardrum picks up these vibrations, which vibrate the Eardrum, and send the signal through the auditory nerve (MORE)
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What is nature of sounds?

a vibrating body moves to and fro around its rest position and produces compressional waves in the surrounding medium. these compressional waves are called the sound waves whi (MORE)

What is a long sound and what is a short sound?

A "long" vowel sound is mainly when you hear the "name" of the letter in a word. A short vowel sound is an exhaled sound, such as "ah" or "eh" or "uh." Some sounds are neither (MORE)
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What is sound?

Sound is mechanical wave energy transmitted by vibrations throughmatter which is perceptible to the ear and translated by electricalsignals in the brain. Is a disturbance that (MORE)
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Why is sound called sound?

There is a long stretch of entymology that goes all the way back to Sanskrit through the Middle English soun, which came from Anglo-French son, sun, that is from the Latin son (MORE)