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Why when you record your voice it sounds different?

When you listen to your own voice while you are speaking or singing, you are not only hearing what is being projected; you are also hearing the internal resonances of your sku (MORE)

Who invented the sound recorder?

The 'Phonautograph' was the first machine or device that was able  to record sound waves passing through the air. It was invented by  Edouard-Loon Scott de Martinville in 18 (MORE)

Can the lg extravert record sound?

Yes. From the main menu, go to "Media Center", then click "Music and Tones" then "My Sounds". Then click the "More" button from the "My Sounds" screen, and click "Record New". (MORE)

Why does backwards recording sound scary?

Because the sound played backwards is unnatural to our ears, and since our minds aren't used to the concept of backwards-playing our natural response is to be scared or nervou (MORE)

Who made the first sound recording?

The phonautograph is the earliest known device for recording sound. Invented by Frenchman Léon Scott, it was patented on March 25, 1857. Read more: (MORE)

What kind of sound does the recorder make?

The recorder makes a very simple tone, relatively free of overtones. It is similar to a flute but less "breathy" or "windy" in the low register, and less sharp in the higher r (MORE)
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What is the lowest decibel sound that can be recorded?

-8 dB or Decibel was recorded, by a team experiment conducted for how people may or may not go insane when they are exposed to very low dB, or how they do in complete absolute (MORE)