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What are pleasant and unpleasant sounds?

Pleasant sounds are those which make us feel happy, comfortable, or  evoke positive emotions:    ocean waves  music (different types, depending on the individual's  t (MORE)
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Example of pleasant sound?

Different people think that different sounds are pleasant, but here  are some sounds that are often perceived as pleasant:     piano  purring  harp music  the sou (MORE)
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What are sounds?

Sounds are vibrations carried through a solid, liquid, or gas. The Eardrum picks up these vibrations, which vibrate the Eardrum, and send the signal through the auditory nerve (MORE)
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What is sound?

Sound is mechanical wave energy transmitted by vibrations throughmatter which is perceptible to the ear and translated by electricalsignals in the brain. Is a disturbance that (MORE)
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What characterizes unpleasant sound?

The big picture: "unpleasant" is a completely subjective concept, and what one person considers divine music will be considered impossible to listen to from another's point of (MORE)

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