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What is soundscape?

soundscape is the sounds of the environment all around you. where ever you are there is a soundscape... whether it be in a classroom, at the seaside or in the forest. the soun (MORE)

What is a soundscape in drama?

there are many types of soundscapes! It is one of the non realistic conventions in drama. Say, for example, in real life you wouldn't hear voices chanting through a room (th (MORE)
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What type of company is SoundScape?

Soundscape is a combination of sounds that comes from an immersive environment. It refers to natural acoustic sounds, environmental sounds and human and animal vocalisations.
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What is meant by the term soundscape?

The term soundscape refers to all the sounds in an area, much like a landscape. For instance in the city, the soundscape would include people, vehicles, workers and animals a (MORE)