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What is soundtrack music?

Music that is used in motion pictures, in its entirety or portions of. Can be original compositions recorded specifically for that film/tvshow. Or music that has already been (MORE)

What songs are on the eclipse soundtrack?

1. Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric 2. Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse 3. Ours by The Bravery 4. Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + The Machine 5. My Love by (MORE)

What songs are on the space chimps soundtrack?

Space Chimps Soundtrack      1   Before Man Stepped Into The Rocket     2   Space Chimps     3   Memorizing Sequences     4   Axel F (MORE)

Soundtrack of Gossip Girl?

  Yes, it is called OMFGG- or original music featured on gossip girl it has songs select songs that played on the show It also includes two bonus features of: everyt (MORE)

What is the soundtrack for the film Watership Down?

  1. Prologue And Main Title 5:43 2. Venturing Forth 1:11 3. Into The Mist 1:24 4. Crossing The River And Onward 2:24 5. Fivers Vision 2:08 6. Through The Woods 2:49 7. Th (MORE)

What songs are on the burlesque soundtrack?

Something's Gotta Hold On Me - Christina Aguilera Welcome To Burlesque - Cher Tough Lover - Christina Aguilera I'm A Good Girl - Christina Aguilera A Guy What Takes His Time (MORE)