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What is soup?

A liquid food prepared from meat, fish, or vegetable stock combinedwith various other ingredients and often containing solid pieces& helps you when your sick
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Is it soup or soups?

The noun singular soup is a mass noun (an uncountable noun),as a word for a substance. The singular mass noun is quantified by: . A partitive noun (also called a noun co (MORE)

What is ball soup?

Ball soup is a Jewish soup dumbling made form a mixture of matzahmeal,eggs, water and fat such as oil,margarine or chicken fat.
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Is chilli a soup?

soup soupo, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and corriander. CHILLI CHOWDER! crouton, crouton; crunchy friend in a liquid broth, i am gespachio OH! i am a summer soup OH! mi (MORE)
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What is Soup Can Jam?

Soup Can Jam is a song my friend and I made up. here are the lyrics: soup, soup can jam. be a hillbilly for a day_____ only just, all the way____! SOUP CAN JAM! WE, WE RAPPI (MORE)

What is a soup with a pulse?

A 'pulse' is another name for any kind of bean, so you may mean 'bean soup'.
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What are the soups?

There are cream soups, meaty soups, thin, thick, chunky, seafood, and many more types of soup.
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Why is soup called ABC soup?

ABC Soup, also called Alphabet Soup, has small bits of letter-shaped pasta in it. You can purchase a bag of this pasta to use in homemade soup at most major grocery stores.
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