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How do you derive negative sequence impedance of an earthing transformer for 11 KV delta connected 10 MVA source transformer?

Negative sequence and positive sequence are the same for a transformer. You would derive using the same connections as done to calculate the positive sequence impedance. Usual (MORE)

Where is latitude 11 longitude 11?

Latitude must be specified as north or south, and longitude must be specified as east or west. Since the question omits both pieces of information, the location it describes (MORE)
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What are the sources of silk?

Silk comes from the silk worm. The silk worm is the larva or  caterpillar of the domesticated silk moth. It has been domesticated  for thousands of years.
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Does wishing at 11 11 work?

yeah! but it only works for wishes that actually make sense. such as wishing for super powers like invisibility or something along that line won't come true. but if you wish f (MORE)

What are renewable sources and nonrenewable sources?

A renewable resource is a product that can continuously be used without running out (water, air, sunlight). In other words, "renewable" means that the resource is replenished (MORE)

Can you do it at 11?

its really not a good idea to do it a 11, there is no way to know if your internal parts are fully developed yet and if they arent you could hurt yourself, also later on when (MORE)

What did the cia source named dragonfire report on October 11 2001?

Exactly one month after the terrorist attacks on the United States, the White House received a report that a nuclear weapon had been smuggled into New York City. The news came (MORE)