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What is the Standard Bank Internet banking branch code for South Africa?

If one wants to send money to a Standard Bank account using internet banking, one can use Standard Bank's IBT code which is 051001 (a six figure code). You don't need to use t (MORE)
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Is south Indian bank a nationalized bank?

No. It is a private sector bank in India. It is headed by Dr. V A Joseph, Managing Director & CEO of the bank. South Indian Bank has 580 branches and 3 extension counters spre (MORE)
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Where is the South Bank in London?

The South Bank usually refers to an arts centre which is on the southern embankment of the River Thames slightly east of central London.
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What Universal bank codes for all South African banks?

 UNIVERSAL  BRANCH CODES IN SOUTH AFRICA    ABSA Bank - 632 005   Bank of Athens - 410 506   Bidvest Bank - 462 005   Capitech Bank - 470 010   FNB - 254 0 (MORE)

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