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What are the 3 types of rock in the south downs?

The downs themselves are made of Chalk. However the rock type associated with the "Wealden Dome" are: ChalkGault ClayLower GreensandAshdown sandsTonbridge Wells sand Of caus (MORE)

Can you navigate down the Congaree River from Columbia South Carolina to the Atlantic ocean by motor boat?

Yes. I have made the trip a dozen times. Water levels vary, but it is usually navigable with six feet of water under the hull. It is a beautiful trip, which passes the Congare (MORE)

What brought down apartheid in South Africa?

Well not many people know this but yes there were people fighting against each other etc. etc. But the main reason apartheid was scraped from the books is because a few years (MORE)

Why are the rainforests in south America being cut down?

the rainforests are bing cut down becasue the wood is used to buil new settelments for the businesses that are rising in South America.
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What states are considered to be 'down south'?

The dominant state that most people would think of when asked this question would be the state of Texas. This is one of the largest states in the United States. Further states (MORE)

Is it possible to drive a car on roads from Singapore through India through Iran Iraq Jordan and Egypt Down through Africa South Africa and end up in Cape Town?

  Someone else help on Singapore and India. Iran, Iraq and Jordan are passable, but your passport is going to have to be acceptable to all of them. I don't think as USA (MORE)