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Why Palayamkottai is called Oxford of South India?

Almost all the best schools, colleges and institutions of higher  education in and around Tirunelveli district are located in  Palayamkottai, some of which date back to more (MORE)
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Who is the best psychiatrist in South India?

Dr Vijay Nagaswami, Chennai for marriage problems Dr Shekar Seshadri Bangalore for childrens psychiatry Dr Chandrashekar NIMHANS bangalore for depression and severe problems (MORE)

What is church of south India?

The CSI was inaugurated in September 1947 at St. George's Cathedral Chennai. It was formed from the union of the South India United Church (itself a union of churches from the (MORE)

How and where do you get an export license in south India?

1. Register your company.   2. Apply for TIN/CST/VAT.   3. Open a current account in your company name.   4. Apply for IE code (Export-import licence) in DGFT offi (MORE)

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