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Which London station Southampton to London?

The fastest, most direct services run from London  Waterloo, operated by South West Trains. Up to three  trains per hour run from Waterloo to Southampton Central, taking  a (MORE)
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Why is southamptons port still a big part of southamptons economy?

Many big cruise liner such as Queen Elizabeth the second stop off at Southampton as one of their main ports and some of the biggest ships in the world land at Southampton, thi (MORE)

What is the distance between Southampton and newbury?

  I'm afraid there are two different Newburys in the UK. 1. --- Newbury, West Berkshire, United Kingdom Directions Drive:   39.0 miles - about 54 minutes   1. He (MORE)

Where is southampton?

Southampton is a city in the south of England (Hampshire) and is home to one the the biggest ports in Europe for both containar ships and cruise ships.

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