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What are the southern states?

Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina,  Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas,and  Oklahoma. West Virginia is also often grouped (MORE)

Through what three countries lie the Carpathian Mountains?

Mostly Romania,Ukraine, and Slovakia. However, there are four others that are included as well they are- Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep. and Serbia. Hope this helps!!!! :)
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Where are the Carpathian mountains located?

The Carpathian Mountains is a 932 mile (1,500 kilometer) mountain chain which stretches through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia.
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What is in the southern Italian recipe for suffritt?

Pig intestines thoroughly washed in salt water and rinsed repeatedly, then fried in a mix of olive oil, lemon and garlic
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Why is southern cross called southern cross?

The southern cross is called the southern cross is because it is a cross of stars to make a cross constellation that is more seen by the southern hemisphere.
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What was the Southern Manifesto?

The Southern Manifesto was a document written in 1956 by legislators in the United States Congress opposed to racial integration in public places. It was signed by 96 Democrat (MORE)

What can you do in the southern colonies?

In the Southern Colonies they celebrate by having dances, barbecues, and maybe singing. But I know that you can sew while playing hide and seek . Bcause it was their popular g (MORE)
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Why are the Southern colonies called the Southern colonies?

When the 13 colonies were established, there were 3 regions: New  England Colonies(furthest North), Middle Colonies(between the other  two regions), and the Southern Colonie (MORE)
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Is southern a noun?

No, the word "southern" is an adjective, a word used to  describe a noun. The adjective "southern" is a form of the word  "south".    The word "south" is an adjective (MORE)