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What is national sovereignty?

"National sovereignty" is a legal expression of the right to self-government by a state or nation. It entails the declaration by a political system to operate independently of (MORE)

What is the meaning of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the recognized right to make decisions and choices, as expressed by human rights, self-rule, and self-government. It is related to the concept of autonomy, or s (MORE)

What is an internal sovereignty?

"Internal sovereignty" or "state sovereignty" represents the legitimate authority of a state or local government to establish and enforce laws within their jurisdiction. In th (MORE)

What is federal sovereignty?

"Federal sovereignty" is the extension of authority by a federation or group of governments, where the prerogatives of the group supercede those of the individual member state (MORE)
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What is imprescriptibility in sovereignty?

when a state doesn't use her sovereignty for sometime, it doesn't mean that she has not sovereignty. she can show and increase her sovereignty at any time..authority cannot be (MORE)