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What is sovereignty?

"Sovereignty" is the authority to govern or rule a nation or group of people.. Expanded definition . "Sovereignty is the exclusive right to exercise supreme political (e.g. (MORE)

What is national sovereignty?

"National sovereignty" is a legal expression of the right to self-government by a state or nation. It entails the declaration by a political system to operate independently of (MORE)

What are the characteristics of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the highest and absolute power in formulating and implementing the law. Sovereignty can be divided into six characterisics wich are:-. 1) absolute 2) indivisib (MORE)

What is the meaning of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the recognized right to make decisions and choices, as expressed by human rights, self-rule, and self-government. It is related to the concept of autonomy, or s (MORE)

What is an internal sovereignty?

"Internal sovereignty" or "state sovereignty" represents the legitimate authority of a state or local government to establish and enforce laws within their jurisdiction. In th (MORE)

What is political sovereignty?

Political sovereignty is the exclusive right to have controlover an area, to operate the government, enact laws, and regulateactivities and commerce. Commentary on the Histo (MORE)
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What is sovereignty of Allah?

Sovereignty belongs to Allah. Everything including every particle of dust belongs to Him. Not only hands and arms but also every cell needs Allahu ta'ala every moment. Interes (MORE)
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Why popular sovereignty?

Political doctrine that allowed the settlers of U.S. federal territories to decide whether to enter the Union as free or slave states. It was applied by Sen. http://www.answe (MORE)