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How does Economic growth occur?

Economic growth occurs when businesses have the capability to produce more products or provide more services at the same cost since a previous point in time. The catalyst for (MORE)
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How can tourism promote economic growth?

as tourists come to our country and tour,they buy a lot of different things and they buy with their currencies which helps us in some way by boosting our economy it depends on (MORE)

What is the role of insurance in economic growth?

  This question can be answered by way of an example for an emerging market for live asset protection. This type of policy covers most trees, shrubs, vines, plant and flow (MORE)

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What is necessary for economic growth?

the first and formost aspect in economic growth is human resource we will do more investment in human capital by investing particularly in education and health (MORE)

How does geography affect Economic growth?

Geography can have a big affect on economic growth. For example, in  Africa, many countries (such as the Democratic Republic of the  Congo) are landlocked and can therefore (MORE)