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Is soy healthy?

Soy is only food I it's fermented forms; tofu, miso, soy sauce ect. Other than that it contains many many harmful chemicals like phytates, phytoestrogens, lectin, ect.
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What does soy milk do for you?

Soy milk is actually good for your body and also for those who want breast growth because I so far tried it for only 2days I can see them get harder so that means it's startin ( Full Answer )
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Soy in spanish?

NOOOOOO its not it is! SOY= I AM soy is a conjugated form of ser -to be
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Does soy lecithin contain soy?

Yes it does. and both are very bad for you. Scientists have done experiments on lab rats to test this. The first generation was fine after they gave it to them, the second was ( Full Answer )
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Is soy an adjective?

No. Soy or soya are considered nouns for the plant and itsextracts. It is used as an adjunct in terms such as soy sauce, soyflour, and soy milk.
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What foods have soy?

Things such as rice, milk or bread. If you can't eat or drink or even be near it, I would recommend to look at the label or even ask people working there if you go to store.
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What are soy burgers?

Soy burgers are specially processed meat substitutes that use a base of soy protein. They may also contain vegetables, cheese, and spices to enhance flavor, but the primary ba ( Full Answer )
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What bread has no soy in it?

Found this bread at food facts website: Heidelberg Baking Co. Sliced Pumpernickel Bread (24 oz) Not the perfect bread or anything, but search that website maybe there are ( Full Answer )
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Benefits of soy?

Soy is a good source of protein and fiber. There is some evidencethat soy makes blood vessels stronger.
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What is the use of soy?

Soy is commonly used as a meat substitute for vegetarians. Soy isalso as food for animals.