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Does soybean have gluten in it?

No. Pure soybeans do not contain gluten. However, there is always the possibility of cross-contamination in the fields/processing plants, so use your own discretion.
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Are soybeans considered a nut?

No, soybean is a legume, used as a pulse vegetable or an oilseed. Boiled soybeans are sometimes fried just like peanuts for the same purpose, but they are not nuts.
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Are soybeans a vegetable?

Yes, all beans are considered to be vegetables. Soybean is unique among pulses as it is also an oilseed, containing about 20% of oil. Only the edamame (young green soybean (MORE)

When do you harvest soybeans?

Soybeans are harvested in the fall - typically late September or early October. Early season varieties can be harvested a few weeks earlier depending on the weather.
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Is a soybean edible?

Yes soybeans are edible and are eaten in many different ways: soy  sauce, tofu, soymilk, etc. Some companies sell a seed called  "edible soybeans" and these are called "edam (MORE)

Is soybean a grain?

No soy beans are not grains they are vegetable's. Beans grow fom the ground and that is the same with this one.
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What are soybeans used for?

Adisoy   Soybeans benefits include its compatibility to many animal lovers  who actually shun dairy products. Soy Products are free from pus,  cow-dung, dairy fed antibi (MORE)