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What are Dope Dyed Yarns?

Dope Dyed Yarn is a synthetic Yarn where the Polymer, before the  extrusion process, is mixed with dye and and extruded fibres are  then coloured.web site (MORE)
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What is core yarn?

A yarn in which one type of fiber is twisted or wrapped around another fiber that serves as a core.
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What is melange yarn?

Melange yarn is dyed before spinning. The yarn is produced from color printed tops or slivers. The color bands are short enough that each fiber has multiple colors. This resul (MORE)

How do you yarn?

The "fibers" twisted & spun together with particular twist & specific method, can be a usual definition of Yarn. Now these "fibers" can be of many kind. These are classified i (MORE)

What is ww yarn?

worsted weight yarn! :D It's usually a size 4 on most yarn labels.
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What is a top-dyed yarn?

Hi, To understand Top Dyed yarns, its necessary to know about Melange yarns first. A melage yarn is the yarn which is produced with various combinations of Raw White & Dye (MORE)

Does yarn melt?

  Some yarns will melt. If you are making something like a potholder that will need to withstand high temperatures, it is best to use yarn made out of cotton, which will n (MORE)

Can you get yarn wet?

Yes. All yarns can be wet and washed. The difference is how. Cotton yarn can be washed without any kind of special care besides not using cholrine because it will lose the col (MORE)

What are acrylic yarns?

Acrylic yarn 100% synthetic and is essentially plastic. Because plastic in itself is cheap, it makes for an inexpensive yarn. While natural fiber yarns such as wool or cotton (MORE)