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What are Dope Dyed Yarns?

Dope Dyed Yarn is a synthetic Yarn where the Polymer, before the  extrusion process, is mixed with dye and and extruded fibres are  then coloured.web site (MORE)
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What is tc yarn?

TC Yarn means Yarn made of by Polyester Cotton,, Acronym from Teteron Cotton, Teteron is the other name of Polyester,,, Yarn means thread of fabric.

How do you yarn?

The "fibers" twisted & spun together with particular twist & specific method, can be a usual definition of Yarn. Now these "fibers" can be of many kind. These are classified i (MORE)

What is mercerized yarn from where you can get mercerized yarns?

Visit the Related Link below to find the best quality producer plant for Gassed Mercerized Dyed Yarns 100% Cotton, with 4000 Kgs per day of production of Mercerized Yarns and (MORE)
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What is neppy yarn?

Basically neps is a problem of yarn but it may be a ornamented yarn if it can be arranged in a organized way. As for example: (95%Cotton+5%Polyester) Neppy Yarn Base yarn (MORE)

What is a top-dyed yarn?

Hi, To understand Top Dyed yarns, its necessary to know about Melange yarns first. A melage yarn is the yarn which is produced with various combinations of Raw White & Dye (MORE)

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