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What direction is the space station?

If you mean which direction do I look to see the Space Station the answer is it depends. The Space Station is orbiting at 17,500 miles per hour so it's not going to appear sta (MORE)

How many space stations are there in space?

There are two space stations: the International Space Station, jointly operated by the US and Russia and the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1. Prior to the Chinese Space Stati (MORE)

Where is the International Space Station located?

The International Space Station is in constant orbit around the Earth, at a height of about 200 miles. It can be seen at various times from Earth. It passes over different par (MORE)

What are the names of Russian space stations?

The Russian Space Station Mir which had an estimated 15 years in orbit, far longer than originally planned and then there were the earlier Salyut series of space stations whic (MORE)

How did the International Space Station get to space?

The space station, now weighing several tons, did not get up there in one launch. U.S. space shuttles and Russian, Canadian, and Japanese rockets brought pods. These smaller s (MORE)