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Who was the last prisoner in Spandau Prison?

  Rudolf Hess, Nazi war criminal was the last prisoner held at Spandau prison and from 1966 until his death in 1987 was the only prisoner held there. After his death the p (MORE)

Why is the spandau prison noteworthy?

Spandau Prison is noteworthy because it served as the detention centre for all those (seven) convicted at the Nuerenbourg trials for Nazi war crimes. The most noteworthy of th (MORE)

When did ballet start?

Experts say people started doing ballet 1000s of years ago. Almost all the different types of dance (hip-hop, jazz, ballroom) evolved from ballet. Even though many people thin (MORE)
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Why was there a clock on spandau prison in Berlin Germany?

  The clock served to inform waiting family et al. of the exact time a prisoner was being released i. e. "prison time", which was not necessarily local time.   James B. (MORE)

Where was the Spandau military prison in Berlin?

The Spandau military prison was constructed in 1876 as a military  detention center, and demolished in 1987 to prevent it from  becoming a neo-Nazi shrine. It was located in (MORE)
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What did ballet do?

Ballet doesn't really 'do' anything. It is an art form consisting of stylised dance movements, usually set to classical music. It changed much of the world. It survived over f (MORE)