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Types of spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber. There are different types of Spandexfabric. The two most common is Two-way Spandex and Four-waySpandex.

Can spandex be dissolved?

Can spandex be dissolved?. Yes it can. N -Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) is one chemical that will dissolve spandex (am looking for others). . Keep in mind that its incredib (MORE)

How do you make spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber. It is typically made through one offour processes including melt extrusion, reaction spinning,solution dry spinning, and solution wet spinning. M (MORE)

How do you wear spandex?

I wear my spandex with underwear under just cause I think it's uncomfortable and a bit unsanitary without underwear. and then I wear shorts over. hope i helped (:
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What are advantages of spandex?

very elastic resistance to lotions oils perpiration sun flexing light weight strong durable soft smooth and easy care.

Does Spandex have latex in it?

Nope, most of them don't. Spandex, or lycra, is a synthetic fabric with a polymer base, like nylon or polyester. Unlike many other synthetic fabrics, spandex is a polyureth (MORE)

Guys in spandex?

No way!!!. Girls do need to wear spandex; it increases their range of motion and shorts will get in their way.. But guys? They should wear short shorts; not spandex!!!

How do you shrink spandex?

Spandex stretches with heat - put spandex in ice water to shrink - it is a temporary fix - body heat will cause spandex to get bigger

Can you be allergic to spandex?

yes! some people are only allergic to rubber (elastic, latex, spandex) which has been bleached or treated with rubber accelerators. Other people are allergic to latex, spandex (MORE)