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Types of spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber. There are different types of Spandexfabric. The two most common is Two-way Spandex and Four-waySpandex.

How do you make spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber. It is typically made through one of  four processes including melt extrusion, reaction spinning,  solution dry spinning, and solution wet spinn (MORE)

Can spandex be dissolved?

Can spandex be dissolved?   Yes it can. N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) is one chemical that will dissolve spandex (am looking for others).   Keep in mind that its incred (MORE)

What is more expensive spandex or lycra?

Neither; LYCRA is a world-renowned trademark of INVISTA, but is just one brand of spandex, the coined term for that type of synthetic fiber. There is no difference, since the (MORE)

What are the monomers in spandex?

Spandex polymers are composed of three different monomers. Dialcohol monomers make up the rubbery, soft part of the polymer while diamine and diisocyanate monomers make up the (MORE)

Is there latex in spandex?

No, there is not. However most people with latex allergies have other allergies as well, and can cross react. Spandex is a man made fiber, where as latex is a natural rubber s (MORE)

Is spandex flammable?

no, spandex is completely flame retardant. the only way to prove it for sure is to wear spandex and light yourself on fire.

How do you wear spandex?

I wear my spandex with underwear under just cause I think it's uncomfortable and a bit unsanitary without underwear. and then I wear shorts over. hope i helped (:
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Will spandex shrink?

No, Spandex doesn't shrink because of its elastomer properties. It has incredible shape memory, and only after a few years of wear will it begin to lose these properties. So (MORE)