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Who won the spanish civil war in 1936?

If I was being flippant, I'd say Spain did. But I won't be. Franco's rebels won it and Franco took charge of the country under a pretty nasty dictatorship. He died in 1975 (MORE)

Americans in the Spanish Civil War?

Yes, two battalions named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, of American volunteers, and part of a brigade of volunteers from other countries. Some of these men were (MORE)

What are facts about the Spanish civil war?

START: July 17, 1936. CAUSES: Rebel generals, among them future dictator Francisco Franco, rose up against the democratically elected, left-leaning government. The conflict be (MORE)

Who won the Spanish Civil War?

Francisco Franco and the Falangists (Nationalists) won the Spanish Civil War. Franco's troops defeated the Republicans and he and a cabinet chosen by himself ruled the countr (MORE)

Why was the spanish civil war important?

In terms of World War II, the Spanish Civil War was important as a  training ground for troops from countries that would soon be  fighting each other in the coming war, espe (MORE)

What country were the spanish civil war between?

  The name Spanish Civil War inplies, or at least it should imply, that it was fought between Spain and Spain. The country split in two as a country always does during a c (MORE)

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