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Why is the Spanish Flu called Spanish Flu?

The flu was first reported to most of the world in Spanish newspapers. This was because the "Spanish flu" first started in 1918 during WWI when many nations were censoring the (MORE)

How did the spanish flu kill?

It created a overreaction of the immune system. Basically the victim's lungs would hemorrage and fill up with their own bodily fluids causing them to literally drown to death (MORE)

Where did the Spanish flu come from?

The spanish flu virus is believed to have started in Asia like most of the flu viruses, and then made its way to the US where it may have mutated on the way to become the pand (MORE)

How do you say Swine Flu in spanish?

This is how you say SWINE FLU in spinish: Gripa por sina.   The actual term written correctly is: Influenza Porcina (and is pronounced in English Influen-sa Poorseena)
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Is the Swine Flu the same as the Spanish flu?

The Swine Flu that caused the 2009 Pandemic is a Type A influenza virus of the subtype H1N1. It is a different strain of H1N1 than the one that pigs get that is also called sw (MORE)

Is the spanish flu the same as the regular flu?

No. The Spanish flu occurred at the end of WW 1 and was very severe and had a very high rate of death (high mortality rate). The regular flu (by which I assume you mean season (MORE)

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