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Can people still get infected on the spanish flu pandemic?

  In general, no, because the virus is no longer circulating. Because people have found relatively well-preserved bodies of victims of this strain of influenza, and the (MORE)

How did wartime conditions help spread the Spanish flu?

Wartime conditions are attributed partly as the reasons for the spread of the Spanish Flu in 1918 during WW1, causing it to be a pandemic that killed millions world wide. Sold (MORE)

Can you get the flu vaccination while you have the flu?

The answer to your question is yes, however, getting a vaccination  while still suffering from the flu is a waste of time. Allow me to  explain. When you get the flu vaccina (MORE)

Why is the Spanish Flu called Spanish Flu?

The flu was first reported to most of the world in Spanish newspapers. This was because the "Spanish flu" first started in 1918 during WWI when many nations were censoring the (MORE)

How did the spanish flu kill?

It created a overreaction of the immune system. Basically the victim's lungs would hemorrage and fill up with their own bodily fluids causing them to literally drown to death (MORE)

How do you know you have spanish flu?

  You will have high fevers,shivers,coughs,muscular pain&sore throat also vomiting and diareha
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Is the Swine Flu the same as the Spanish flu?

The Swine Flu that caused the 2009 Pandemic is a Type A influenza virus of the subtype H1N1. It is a different strain of H1N1 than the one that pigs get that is also called sw (MORE)

How did the 1918 illness get the nickname Spanish flu?

The spreading illness that became a pandemic was first widely known about when reported in the Spanish newspapers, which were some of the only sources of world news during tha (MORE)