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What is the country and the root language of the Spanish Language?

The Spanish language developed over a long period from Latin (Spain was a part of the Roman empire for about 600 years). Following the fall of the Roman empire, the Visigoths (MORE)

Why is the spanish language called romance language?

"Romance" is a term applied to all the languages that developed from Latin after the breakup of the Roman Empire. In addition to Spanish, this group includes French, Italian, (MORE)

How did the moors influence the spanish language?

The Moors influenced Spanish in something like the way that the Normans influenced English. In both cases, the ruling class of the country spoke a different language than the (MORE)

What countries have Spanish as the official language?

Spanish is an official language only in these 14 countries: 1. Bolivia 2. Colombia 3. Costa Rica 4. Cuba 5. Ecuador 6. El Salvador 7. Equatorial Guinea (with Fre (MORE)

What language is the closest to Spanish language?

Spanish is a language that, like many other European languages, is based on Latin. Many languages are derived from Latin, including French and Italian, but some are more close (MORE)

From which language is Spanish derived?

Spanish is a Romance language, the base of which is Latin. It's root form is the Indo-European language. It has also been influenced by Arabic after the Moorish conquest in th (MORE)

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