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How can poetry be defined?

Poetry is one of the four major literary art forms; the others are fiction, nonfiction, and drama. Poetry is the highly condensed, imaginative use of language, images, meter a (MORE)

Is visual poetry shape poetry?

One form of poetry that makes a shape is called 'Concrete' poetry. ----poetry -----------like --------------this ------------can --------make -------a ------s --- (MORE)
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What is Limerick poetry?

A limerick poem has five lines and is usually humorous. The first  second and fifth lines rhyme and so do the second and third.    An example is:    There was a (MORE)

What is protest poetry?

Protest poetry is poetry that strives to undermine established values and ideals, particularly those associated with the government and other bodies of authority. Protest po (MORE)

What is a ballet in poetry?

Okay, so there are two possible answers to this question depending on what you're actually asking. 1) You heard the term, and simply picked up on it wrong. In poetry, a "bal (MORE)
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What is poetry devices?

They are things used to help the poet tell the story like pathetic fallacy ,connotations,rhyming and that sort of thing. They help enhance poetic and make it more interesting (MORE)

What is diamante in poetry?

Diamanté poem: a seven-line, poem based on two contrasting ideas -The top and bottom lines are words that are two opposites (like good and evil) -The second line is three (MORE)

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