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What element is used in a sparkler to make the sparkle?

A sparkler consists of several substances:   An oxidizer  A fuel  Iron, steel, aluminum, or other metal powder  A combustible binder   In addition to these components (MORE)

Where can you buy sparklers?

We can help you with all your sparkler needs. We carry all kinds of sparklers from wedding sparklers to bottle sparklers to champagne sparklers. We have a large variety for yo (MORE)

Is a sparkler hotter than a hot poker?

A sparkler might be hotter than a hot poker. A hot poker used to  turn logs in a fire does not get as hot or stay hot long after it  is set aside. A sparkler contains chemic (MORE)
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Why are sparklers dangerous?

Sparklers can be dangerous, because when you are using a sparkler you are most likely not holding it still & you are probably moving it around & shaking it. This causes the sp (MORE)

Is sparklers natural light?

The light from a sparkler is the natural product of the chemicalreaction between air and the sparkler material when heated above its ignitiontemperature.
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