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What is a sparkler made of?

A sparkler is essential made of soft wood. It also has a flammablesection at its tip. Once lit, the sparkler will shoot out sparksand illuminate its immediate surroundings. Th (MORE)

What are sparklers made of?

gun powder - maybe, or - The "classic" type of sparkler consists of a thin metal rod approximately one foot long that has been dipped in a thick batter of pyrotechnic composi (MORE)

Why is burning a sparkler a chemical change?

Burning a sparkler is chemical change because once you have burned it you cannot re-burn it again and therefore it is chemical change and not physical change because physical (MORE)

Where can you buy sparklers?

We can help you with all your sparkler needs. We carry all kinds of sparklers from wedding sparklers to bottle sparklers to champagne sparklers. We have a large variety for yo (MORE)

How do you get a sparkler in Free Realms?

Hi If you want to know how to get a sparkler go to the coin shop and go to weapons and find extra and click it and there are three sparklers.There is green and purple and one (MORE)
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Why are sparklers dangerous?

Sparklers can be dangerous, because when you are using a sparkler you are most likely not holding it still & you are probably moving it around & shaking it. This causes the sp (MORE)
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How do sparkler toys work?

you first wind it up, then you set it down. it will spin 2 gears. one is attached to a little arm on a disk. the arm spins in the center. that lights up a flint piece on the a (MORE)