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What is the spastic gait?

Answer - Handicapped Way of Walking . According to this website, this means that the muscles are tight and the knees & ankles (MORE)
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What is spasticity?

Spasticity is when muscles are continuously tight or stiff.Spasticity occurs commonly in multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy,and brain injury.

What is spastic quadriparesis?

Quadriparesis, also known as tetraparesis, is a weakness in all four limbs. It is related to quadriplegia or tetraplegia , in which all four limbs are paralyzed. There ar (MORE)

What does spastic mean?

The term spastic in its original sense refers to spasticity, acondition characterized by involuntary contraction, stiffness orspasming of muscles. In the medical field, it is (MORE)
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What is spastic dragon?

The Dragon is more than just a band. It is; an arguement, a decision, a dedication, a way of life, a philosophy, a religion, The Dragon is... Everything.