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What is spearmint?

Spearmint ( Mentha spicata ) is a branching perennial herb of Mediterranean origin. Mint belongs to the family of Lamiaceae , along with basil, rosemary, sage, savory, marjor ( Full Answer )
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What is spearmint made out of?

Spearmint is made from the species of mint Mentha spicata which can be found in southwest Asia and Europe.
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How can you tell spearmint from peppermint?

You can tell Spearmint from Peppermint by the smell. Spearmint is kind of a sharp smell, While Peppermint is kind of a thin smell.
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How is essential oil of spearmint prepared?

Essential oil: obtained by steam distillation of the fresh, flowering tops of the mint. A few drops of oil added to water and applied will treat skin irritations. May also be ( Full Answer )
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What is the Latin name of the spearmint plant?

Mentha spicata (sometimes referred to as M. viridis and M. crispa) and is one of at least thirty species in the extensive Lamiaceae or mint family.
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What are the precautions associated with using spearmint?

Generally considered safe. Not to be taken by those with hiatal hernia, acute gallstone attack and some herbalists counsel against giving to young children or pregnant women.
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How long does it take spearmint to grow?

If you have a sprig of spearmint with roots on it and put it in the ground it will cover a flowerbed in one season.... It is very invasive . I guess where you live has somethi ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of spearmint?

Mint folklore began in ancient mythology. Mint or Mintha, is named after the Greek nymph Minthes, who was turned into a mint plant by Proserpine, the jealous wife of Pluto, fo ( Full Answer )
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How do you select spearmint?

Fresh spearmint leaves are available all year. Choose spearmint leaves that are fresh, and bright green with a spearmint scent. Avoid wilted, yellow leaves or stems that have ( Full Answer )
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What are some of the uses of spearmint?

Spearmint is an edible plant that you can use in either raw or cooked form in many dishes. Spearmint is also a home remedy for many with fevers, headaches, and minor ailments ( Full Answer )