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Is it an special or a special?

The correct way to use this word as an adjective with an indefinite  article (a or an) is "a special." You can discern whether to use  'a' or 'an' before a noun or adjective (MORE)

How are you special?

Everyone has a certain quality about them that makes them special. For instance, I like to help people so for me to care for others helps other people out--its like a bonus (MORE)
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What does Chile specialize in?

Chile, due its geographic extension,we can find four very different areas: Northern Chile: World's produce of Fish Meal (World's #2) and Copper (World's #1). Central Chile: (MORE)

What is specialization?

Specialization is when you focus on a particular branch of whatever  job you have and be the best at it. japan specialization in tool   So if you are a doctor you may be (MORE)

Why is special education special?

Special Education is 'special' because each and every person apart of a Special Education program was born with unique and different qualities. Though, they are in some way un (MORE)

What does 'special' mean in 38 special?

  The .38 Special was a round brought to life by Smith & Wesson, hence the name 38 S&W Special. Eventually other companies like Colt got hacked off at having to mark THEIR (MORE)

Why am I special?

Answer: You have a combinations of talents and abilities that are unique, and therefore have the ability to make contributions to the world that no-one has ever been able to (MORE)

How is a dolphin special?

Dolphins are special because they are highly intelligent. They have been known to save countless humans from downing and from being attacked by sharks. Dolphins are self aware (MORE)