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What does a HR specialist do?

These professionals enclose five foremost specialties: compensationand benefits; training and development; employment, recruiting andplacement; information systems; and employ (MORE)

What is a specialist?

One who is devoted to a particular occupation or branch of study or research: "Specialists . . . tend to think in grooves" (Elaine Morgan). . A physician whose practice is (MORE)

Why is it a specialist and not an specialist?

The article "a" precedes words that begin with a consonant sound.The article "an" precedes words that begin with a vowel sound. Thisis generally just to avoid the "uh uh" or " (MORE)
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What is an EKG specialists?

An EKG Technician is anallied healthcare team member responsible for performing EKG on apatient in many different ways, they might be responsible fordocumentation for the pati (MORE)
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What is a event specialist?

Someone who does events..Promote a product/event. Food, laundry detergent , house item . Whatever they decide to promote that's what you will have as your event that day..So y (MORE)
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What does a drug specialist do?

A drug specialist specializes in drugs. Most drug specialists would only specialise in understanding specific drugs effects/side effects of, reactions or interactions with oth (MORE)
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What is a specialist dog?

A 'Specialist Dog' is a dog that is trained to do a certain job. Some examples are therapy dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and bomb-sniffing dogs.
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What does a claims specialist do?

Investigate, evaluate and settle claims, applying technical knowledge and human relations skills to effect fair and prompt disposal of cases and to contribute to a reduced los (MORE)