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What is specialization?

Specialization is when you focus on a particular branch of whateverjob you have and be the best at it. japan specialization in tool So if you are a doctor you may be specializ ( Full Answer )
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Are you special?

Yes, every human being is special. There's only one person like you in the whole wide world. We all have different colored hair, skin and eyes, we may be tall or short and we ( Full Answer )
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How are you special?

Everyone has a certain quality about them that makes them special. For instance, I like to help people so for me to care for others helps other people out--its like a bonus ( Full Answer )
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What is your specialization?

My specialty is a domestic engineer ( house wife). I know that sounds lame, but it entails various different skills. One day I have to be the bookkeeper, the next day the chau ( Full Answer )
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Why am I special?

Answer: You have a combinations of talents and abilities that are unique, and therefore have the ability to make contributions to the world that no-one has ever been able to ( Full Answer )
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What is special about special education?

I hate the way we categorize education as 'regular' and 'special'. I wish we could just give every student what it is they need in order to learn as much as they can, and not ( Full Answer )
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What can you specialize in?

You can specialise in anything you wish. Some subjects are more useful and sought after than others. For example there is not a huge demand for experts in repairing the side ( Full Answer )
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Is it an special or a special?

The correct way to use this word as an adjective with an indefinitearticle (a or an) is "a special." You can discern whether to use'a' or 'an' before a noun or adjective by no ( Full Answer )
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What makes special product special?

These have a certain pattern that is important and is repeated many times in math problems.
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What is a specialization?

Specialization is a specific type of field one wants to get into aspart of his or her major in university. If it is job-related, it isa specific area of a job.