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What is a species?

In general, a species is a group of similar organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. More specifically, species can be defined as a group that has similar (MORE)
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What are species?

Species is a group of living things that are so closely related that they can breed with one another and produce offspring that can breed as well.
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What is specie?

Specie is money to pay taxes used in the colonial time during theoaid 17 and 18 hundreds. Usually colonists paid their taxes off in gold and silver. This is considered speci (MORE)

Are mice species - intruduced species?

They, like rats, are often introduced but seldom on purpose. They hitch rides on all manner of vehicle: boats, ships, aircraft, trains, automobiles, etc.; and often travel lon (MORE)

What species is an protected species?

the Siberian tigers are going extinct and the snow leopards and the clouded leopards and the Bengal tigers and ocelots,many cat species are dying out but the ones we need to b (MORE)

When is a species considered an endangered species?

The international groups and nations that publish lists of plants and animals in peril and who monitor and track the numbers of animals in a species for species protection, ea (MORE)