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What are the species of wolves?

There are two widely recognized species of wolves in the world, thered and the gray. However, there is debate over how many species ofwolf exist and if there are different sub (MORE)

Why do species compete with other species?

Most environments do not have sufficient resources to support unlimited populations of all the species present. Different species that have the same requirements for habitats (MORE)

What species is a bear in?

Bears such grizzly bears, black bears, Kodiak bears and polar bears are species belonging to the Ursus subfamily of the Family Ursidae. Pandas and sloths are in different subf (MORE)

What turtle species I have?

I have a turtle a few years now and i still cant firgure out what species it is. It eats shrimp(small) and shes is kinda of small. She ca reallyy stretch her neck, never bit m (MORE)
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What species is Pikachu?

Pikachu is a mouse Pokemon, along with its other evolutions, Pichu  and Raichu. It is the Electric type, which means it is weak to  Ground attacks, and resistant to Flying, (MORE)
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What Amphoteric species?

A chemical species that behaves both as an acid and as a base is called an "Amphoteric species". Examples : H2O acts as an acid as well as a base.
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How are species formed?

  A new species can be formed any one of at least four ways.   1. Separation: the formation of geologic barriers, like a river or mountain range, separate a population (MORE)

What is a species animal?

An animal of a specific species is a living creature that belongs within a certain family of several species, narrowing down to (example): a tiger is not within the same speci (MORE)

What is an elephant species?

The three species of elephant living today are: -African Bush Elephants (Savanna) - African Forest Elephants -Asian Elephants (also known as the Indian Elephant)
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Can a species be both umbrella species and keystone species?

Yes, it is possible for a species to be both an umbrella species  and a keystone species. Lemurs in Madagascar are an example of both  a keystone and umbrella species. They (MORE)