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What is is am are was were be being?

Helping Verbs are as follows, am is are was were be being been have has had do does did shall will should would may might must can could
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What species is Guinan?

Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg) is El-Aurian, a humanoid race of "listeners." Few El-Aurians have ever been seen on Star Trek. The first one other than Guinan to appear was (MORE)
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What is being done to save endangered whale species?

hi there are many things happening to stop them, 1- In U.S waters you cant kill whales or hunt them. 2- And they have put monitors on ships so they a ship cant hit a whale (MORE)

Species in a sentence?

The blue-jay is a particular species of bird. sam is a species of a human person
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Can a species be both umbrella species and keystone species?

Yes, it is possible for a species to be both an umbrella species  and a keystone species. Lemurs in Madagascar are an example of both  a keystone and umbrella species. They (MORE)
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What is distribution in species?

Species distribution is the manner in which a biological taxon is  spatially arranged. Species distribution is not to be confused with  dispersal, which is the movement of i (MORE)

Is Human being most advanced and powerful species on earth?

Intelligent life may be in it's "very young" stage in the observable Universe. Its 200 billion galaxies show a clear potential to continue on as we see them today for hundred (MORE)