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Table of specification?

A table of specification is a chart or table that describes topics  that are going to be covered on a test. It gives a summary of the  topics and how much weight each sectio (MORE)
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What is the specificity rule?

"The Specificity Rule states that it is usually more efficient to use the government policy tool that acts as directly as possible on the source of distortion separating socia (MORE)
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What is a specific noun?

A specific noun is a word for specific person place or thing. For Example: Instead of saying that is a pretty doll a specificnoun would be that is a pretty Barbie doll, or (MORE)

What is a construction specification?

The specifications for a construction project are sometimes called the project manual. They consist of everything a contractor would need to know to complete the job. Most of (MORE)

What is specific objective?

specific objectives is to specify what realy you want to concetrate with or what you want to do, show the main point you are focusing to.
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What does the parathyroid do specifically?

The parathyroid gland's main function is secreting the Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) which increases the level of blood calcium and decreases the level of blood phosphate. PTH w (MORE)

Why are enzymes specific?

They are specific because they have a specific active sight that will on allow a certain substance to bind with it to consquently cause the reaction to speed up.
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What are specific nouns?

  Specific nouns are specific name, place, or thing   Specific nouns are specific name, place, or thing   Specific nouns are specific name, place, or thing
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What is specific rotation?

Plane-polarized light is passed through a sample with a path length of 1 decimeter and a sample concentration of 1 gram per 1 millilitre.
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What is specific deterrence?

A specific deterrence is a type of deterrence that attempts to  persuade the individual before the court not to commit further  offences. If offenders are punished severely, (MORE)