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What is specification?

an act of describing or identifying something precisely or ofstating a precise requirement.. "give a full specification of the jobadvertised". synonyms:. statement, identif (MORE)

What is a specific enzyme?

A specific enzyme is an enzyme that only changes the speed of ONE reaction. (It only acts on one particular substance that happens to be compatible with that enzyme) i.e. if (MORE)
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What is enzyme specificity?

An enzyme is specific to one and only one reaction. So if we consider Enzyme A, which combines X and Y to make Z, that is the ONLY reaction it will catalyze.

What does specification mean?

"Specifications" are the requirements of a building contract. It's often abbreviated as "specs". The expression "up to spec" means up to specifications, meeting the requiremen (MORE)

What are specifications?

Specifications are a list of requirements, features, constraints,etc. needed by a product for it to perform its task(s) correctly.They are developed by Systems Engineers in co (MORE)
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What is the specificity rule?

"The Specificity Rule states that it is usually more efficient to use the government policy tool that acts as directly as possible on the source of distortion separating socia (MORE)
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What are specific enzymes for specific proteins?

Enzymes for specific substrates have the name of the substrate in them and usually have -ase ending. Example: enzymes to break down fat are called lipases, for proteins, prote (MORE)