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What is specific gravity?

Specific gravity, usually referred to as relative density is the ratio of the mass of a given volume of a substance to the density of a different reference substance. Water is (MORE)

What is specification?

an act of describing or identifying something precisely or ofstating a precise requirement.. "give a full specification of the jobadvertised". synonyms:. statement, identif (MORE)
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What is specific heat?

Specific heat capacity (quite often called specific heat) is the amount of heat that a given mass of a material must absorb to raise its temperature by a specific amount.
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What is a specification?

A detailed description or an assessment of requirements, dimensions and materials for a proposed building
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What are specifications?

Specifications are a list of requirements, features, constraints,  etc. needed by a product for it to perform its task(s) correctly.  They are developed by Systems Engineers (MORE)

What is specific resistivity?

The specific resisitivity of a material is determined by measuring the resistance of a test conductor having unit length and unit cross sectional area.   In fact, there (MORE)
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What is client specificity?

"Client specificity" is simply a fancy way to say "something that is specific to or for this client". For example, in medication administration nurses practice "patient specif (MORE)

What are specific enzymes for specific proteins?

Enzymes for specific substrates have the name of the substrate in them and usually have -ase ending. Example: enzymes to break down fat are called lipases, for proteins, prote (MORE)