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What is a specimen?

A specimen is something that is observed with either the human eye or with one of many types of microscope A part of a whole or a individual of a class or group a specimen is ( Full Answer )
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What does specimen mean?

Subject or example Specimen can mean an example of something eg Submit a specimen of your hand writing to the court. or specimen can mean a small sample of something. eg Th ( Full Answer )
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What is a specimen signature?

A specimen signature is an official 'copy' of your signature that is kept on file and if needed in the future can be used to verify if a signature is genuine.
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A sentence with specimen?

A sentence with the word specimen in it would be, I went to the lab today to pick up that specimen I dropped off to be studied last week.
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What is an antonym for specimen?

There is no antonym for specimen. However, the opposite of taking a specimen, meaning a testing sample, would be to examine the source of the specimen directly. "Populat ( Full Answer )
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How do you study specimen?

first see if you can identify its type. then see if you san exract dna. check its age by using carbon-14 scans.
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What is specimen collection?

Specimen collection is when the laboratory worker take your bloodor whatever substance is being tested. Collection is the methodthey use for retrieving it from your body.
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What is a routine specimen?

the specimen requirements are written in a format that specifiesthe requested volume, storage temperature, and any special handlingnotes. The requested volume is an amount suf ( Full Answer )
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What is Fecal specimens?

They are specimens (specifically in laymen's terms poo, poop, crap) requested by a physician that you gather either at his laboratory, or if not possible to gather it there, h ( Full Answer )
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Why do you stain specimens?

If you mean specimens to look at under a microscope - it is becauseyou have to shine a light underneath the slide. You can see moredetail of the cells and other features if th ( Full Answer )