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How do chicks speckles help them?

Chicks have speckles act as camouflage to break up their outline.  Since chicks are defenseless and cannot move fast, they need to  stay hidden from potential predators.

What is a speckled bear?

A speckled bear is a kind of bear and males weigh from 130-200kilograms and females weigh weight from 35-82 kilograms and speckled bears are vulnerable so they mostly eat gra (MORE)

What is a speckled ax?

The speckled ax was mentioned in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. In it he writes about his "bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection": "This article, t (MORE)

What are the qualities of Speckle Parks?

Speckle Parks are a medium sized beef breed that easily converts forage into beef allowing the animal to have a high dressing out percentage. This breed is known as the Carcas (MORE)

Who was the author of the mystery of the speckled band?

The author was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories, most of which were published in The Strand magazine. Doyle wrote a number of other stories, but no (MORE)

What is the situation in The adventure of the speckled band?

It is a snake That Dr. Rylott has bought in India and brought it along to England in order to get the money Julia Stoner and later Helen Stoner are going to get when they get (MORE)