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What is the difference between spectrometer and chromatography?

Spectrometer is used to analyse the concentration of particular element which one giving coloured stable compound. from the intensity of colour we can calculate the concentrat (MORE)
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Derivation of Least count of a Spectrometer?

The value of each main scale divisions is half a degree(30') . The number of vernier scale divisions is 30. 29 main scale divisions are divided into 30 vernier scale division (MORE)

How do spectrometers work?

spectrometers split light, then the spectral lines show , and you  can use spectral analysis to find out what elements are making the  light.
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What is a spectrometer?

A spectrometer is an instrument for measuring light across a spectrum. The spectrum can be created by putting the light through a prism, and looks much like a rainbow. By meas (MORE)
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Why argon gas is used in spectrometer?

Following are the reason why Argon Gas used in Optical emission Spectrometry. 1.Argon gas is inert in nature. When it is flushed in Sparking area, air get removed. Sparking (MORE)
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What is the working principal of spectrometer?

spectrometers are based on the method of the Energy-Dispersive-X-Ray-Fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF). The atoms in the sample material, which could be any solid, powder or liqu (MORE)

What does spectrometer mean?

Meaning: A photometer for comparing two light radiations wavelength by wavelength Classified under: Nouns denoting man-made objects Hypernyms ("spectrophotometer" is a kind of (MORE)