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What is a mass spectrometer?

A mass spectrometer is an analytical tool used by a variety of scientific disciplines. These instruments utilize electric and/or magnetic fields to separate charged particles (MORE)
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What is a spectrometer?

A spectrometer is an instrument for measuring light across a spectrum. The spectrum can be created by putting the light through a prism, and looks much like a rainbow. By meas (MORE)

Infrared spectrometer work?

  IR work by injecting a sample into the instrument. the beam splitter seperates the sample into different componenets. functional groups and organic groups can then be in (MORE)

What does spectrometer mean?

Meaning: A photometer for comparing two light radiations wavelength by wavelength Classified under: Nouns denoting man-made objects Hypernyms ("spectrophotometer" is a kin (MORE)
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Who inventor the X-ray Spectrometer?

the spectrometer was first created in the back woods of Germany by a man called ucko lusidfer he was trying to build a time machine but he was deranged and built the wrong thi (MORE)

How do spectrometers work?

spectrometers split light, then the spectral lines show , and you  can use spectral analysis to find out what elements are making the  light.
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