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What does the name Spencer mean?

The name Spencer is a name relating to occupation. It began as asurname, but later became popular as a given name as well. The namedenoted one who worked in a spencer (pantry) (MORE)

Does Spencer like you?

It may be hard to determine if a boy or girl likes you. They may  talk to you or they may be shy and not very talkative. He or she  may ask you to do things or make a point (MORE)

What is Marks and Spencer?

Marks and Spencer (Marks & Spencer) is a UK company that operates over 700 retail stores, selling products that include clothing and specialty foods. Marks and Spencer is the (MORE)

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Is Spencer hasting A?

In episode 23 of Season 3 titled "I'm Your Puppet" they strongly hint that Spencer is on the A Team. Most likely, not #PLLRedCoat that is trending on Twitter. We will find out (MORE)

Who is Jeremy Spencer?

Jeremy Cedric Spencer is a British musician. He is best known as one of the guitarists in Fleetwood Mac.  Jeremy Spencer Heyde is an American musician and record producer. H (MORE)